The truly original gifts to offer to your better half on the evening of the wedding

truly original gifts

On your wedding day, many emotions will overwhelm you: Stress, apprehension, joy, love… All this mixed in a flood of tears, kisses, hugs and declarations. With your family and friends gathered for you on this important day, you are going to want to spend some time with everyone, and this exactly the same thing for your darling. This day is likely to pass at breakneck speed, so that you may not have spent any special time with your husband for more than an hour.

our reunion once night has fallen – or the day is almost up, it’s up to you – is therefore a key moment! After the effervescence of the day and the highlights that will have punctuated it, you must find yourself with the one who will be your husband! Yes, change of status, it can be a shock. So that this day ends in small fireworks , you have a huge field of possibilities available to you. Among these, offer a very personal gift to your half. With the help of service providers dedicated to their newlyweds, we list a few ways to guide your choices.

Credits: Label Tie

More and more, brides are swapping the traditional watch for cufflinks. An idea that has enormous potential if you choose them with great care and follow not your own tastes but those of Jules. At Label Cravate, we have been observing this phenomenon for some time “ at the same time surprising, original and full of tenderness .” Some stores offer super original cufflinks. This is the case of Label Cravate, therefore, where we are told “ If the gentleman is into superheroes, Madame will look into Batman or Ironman but if her sweetheart is more car-like, she will opt for a sports steering wheel or a Formula 1. What Either way, men’s fashion accessories still have a bright future ahead of them, to the delight of our future bride and groom..” In short, you are bound to find an accessory that will suit your other half perfectly.

A notebook of “memories”

Your couple is now a married couple. Before you say yes, you have experienced a plethora of moments, more or less harmless moments. Often, you have taken photos of your walks, your candlelit meals, your binge watching sessions in front of Netflix, your family visits… Snapshots taken on the fly, real photos posed, selfies liking to like Facebook ; Keep the best or most symbolic ones and collect them in a notebook that you will annotate or illustrate with sweet little words or legends. A gift that will melt your other half and that you can accompany with a playlist made on the same principle. The song on which you met, the song on which you kissed for the first time, the song for which you invented a choreography, etc…

A second covenant

And yes, no woman will get tired of it, jewelry goes straight to the heart. The jewelry and accessories designer Marie Koné, from Ozé Bijoux, explains to us why, in her opinion, giving a gift on the evening of the wedding is a real approach that you should consider: “ During the party, the couple is turned towards their guests, is concerned about know if everything is going well for everyone. Giving yourself a gift when you find yourself alone is to mark this moment of intimacy, like an intimate mini-ceremony that belongs only to the couple. For such an occasion I would choose a somewhat special piece, not too banal .” It’s up to you then to see what kind of ring would represent your couple and what symbol you want to give to this present. Here, the designer is thinking directly of a ring since it is a “jewel with a strong symbol. When you offer a ring it is never trivial. This ring would be like a second wedding ring. A secret alliance between the newlyweds. ”

A dress for your honeymoon

Because certainly, the most beautiful garment that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves, we must all the same admit that a pretty outfit can have real power. For men who don’t know what to give their sweetheart but who have a certain idea of ​​her dressing room, have you considered a garment that will sublimate your other half but also make you happy? Camille Templier, founder of the ready-to-wear brand L’atelier de Camille, wonders “ Why not give the young bride a pretty garment that she will wear during their honeymoon for the evenings in mind- headed ? ” She continues “ the honeymoon is not a trip like the others and you want to be elegant in the evening

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