Updating your fall wardrobe: The complete

fall wardrobe

The summer-fall transition is undoubtedly the biggest break in the annual fashion calendar. This is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your wardrobe and your style. For many people, back to school is also linked to a change in lifestyle. You may be starting a new job, an internship, a university…and you need your wardrobe to meet different functional criteria.

Most of you will probably want or need to interpret your style of dress differently from the style displayed during the spring and summer. Weather conditions open up a whole new range of textures and fabrics to choose from. Updating your wardrobe goes through a mix of reinvention and upkeep :

Some wardrobes need a little maintenance at the start of a new season, others need to be reinvented above all else. The ideal ratio between the two depends on how defined and stable your personal style is at the moment. In this article you will find three programs to update your wardrobe . To determine the program that best suits your wardrobe, read the three profiles below and choose the one that interests you and suits you   the most. For our part, we regularly update our wardrobe at the start of the season. And you?

A light refreshment

With the exception of a few minor updates (a color or accessory that’s been on your must-try list for a long time), you can’t wait to wear your must-have fall basics again. 25% innovation ǀ 75% maintenance

A regular update

You are in the process of defining your style of dress and you already have concise ideas on certain aspects of your wardrobe. However, you are confused about others. You want to use this seasonal update to further strengthen the structure of your wardrobe and adapt it to your style. 50% innovation ǀ 50% maintenance

The major overhaul

You have only recently started to organize your wardrobe OR your style has taken a 180° turn. There aren’t too many clothes you love in your wardrobe right now anyway, and for fall you literally don’t have anything to wear that really matches your style. 75% innovation | 25 % upkeep

#1. A little refreshment

Since you have total confidence in your closet and like to rely on your basics, you’ll definitely be able to complete your fall wardrobe update in an hour or two. A single shopping trip should give you peace of mind afterwards. 25% innovation ǀ 75% maintenance

1- Put aside out-of-season clothes

Make it your goal to only keep items that are part of your usual outfits. Then review each of the options that make up your wardrobe and remove all the clothes you don’t wear during the fall and winter: light dresses, bikinis, cropped tops, sandals… Store these items (washed and ironed) in plastic boxes or cartons. Put the fall/winter items you previously stockpiled back into your wardrobe.

2- Replacements and repairs

Even if you have taken care to care for your garments well, small tears, holes and broken zippers are inevitable and unimportant. Evaluate each item in your wardrobe and make a list of minor and major flaws. Then consider each case separately. Decide if you can handle the repairs yourself, pay a seamstress to do it, or if the item needs to be replaced. Think about the original price of the garment, its resale value, its role in your wardrobe… Also think about your budget.

3- Think about your next purchases

Since your personal style is already well-defined and stable, the start of the fall season is a good opportunity to think about investing more in your wardrobe. Is there an item you’ve been wanting for months? A piece of clothing or an accessory that perfectly matches your lifestyle and your style of dress? An element that would be an essential part of your wardrobe? You can also upgrade your wardrobe by replacing one or more of your worn out fetish clothes with higher quality versions.

4- Plan new additions

Even if your wardrobe is 100% aesthetically and functionally complete , you might want to add a few new pieces to your collection in early fall. Plan all new additions now, taking into account your budget and personal style. Are there any specific items you’ve spotted over the past few weeks? Are you in love with a certain color combination that is not yet represented in your wardrobe? Feel free to expand your personal style but always keep its essence in mind!

Expect to dedicate about an afternoon to upkeep of your closet and a shopping trip or two to reach the set goal. 50% innovation ǀ 50% maintenance

A small detox cure

If you’re currently working on building a polished personal style and wardrobe to match, you’ve probably already done some effective sorting through your closet. But since your personal style is still in the making, your aesthetic ideals may have become more refined lately. Review your new wardrobe and re-sort out anything that doesn’t or no longer represents your current style and your lifestyle for the months to come. Also store clothes that you love but can only wear in spring or summer. Keep them outside of your main closet.

Evaluate your fall wardrobe from the past year

Even if you’ve been cleaning out your closet lately, chances are that your closet from last year contains some clothes that you can incorporate into your wardrobe this fall. Remember what kinds of outfits you wore on a daily basis, what color scheme you used, and how you created your outfits. What improvements could you make using the skills and aesthetic preferences you have since acquired?

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