Top 7 Christmas gift ideas for her husband

Christmas gift ideas

Whether it’s for a newlywed or a lifelong companion who has gone through the Christmas after Christmas years by your side, you will find a gift inspiration that suits him. Original, quirky, classic, loving, thoughtful, useful, comfortable, a carefully chosen Christmas gift is always greatly appreciated. Here is something to help you in your choice with the possibility of ordering directly in a few clicks.

The survival kit for her husband

It’s in vogue, the end of the world is approaching, your husband has surely told you: you have to equip yourself, prepare at all costs. The survival kit for her husband as a Christmas present can have two meanings, let’s face it. Either you succumb to his anxieties and phobias by agreeing to equip him to save your life . Either you let him go into the forest to train, or even get lost, why not.

The leather bracelet for her husband

Men’s jewelry is offered at Christmas. No, it’s not the title of a movie, but an inspiring idea. The leather bracelet for her husband is a quality Christmas gift signed by the American brand Tommy Hilfiger to offer to an adventurer in life.

The globe decanter and glasses set for her husband

“Around the world”, sang Daft Punk. The Globe Decanter and Glasses Set for Husband is a Christmas gift for any lover of fine spirits elegantly showcased. A blown glass vessel is hidden inside the decanter. The luxurious set rests on a wooden base.

Slippers for her husband

Do you know ? One takes cold by the feet and the hands or the neck and the nape of the neck. These are the parts of the body to be particularly treated in the event of a cold snap. Slippers for her husband as a Christmas present are no joke. With their shape memory foam, they are of unequaled comfort since the invention of the slipper. The sizes available range from 36 to 47: hurry while there are some.

The book Destination Pétaouchnok for her husband

Do not rejoice too quickly. The book Destination Pétaouchnok for her husband is not a Christmas present intended to send her packing. It’s an invitation to go on an adventure following the advice of Antoine and Raphaël from the TV show Rendez-Vous en Terre Inconnue. In addition, the profits from the sales of this article go to the Secours Populaire, which makes it a good action for Christmas.

The personalized wallet for her husband

It’s a gift that always pleases and can be personalized as you see fit. A photo of you? Of your children? Choose to order. The personalized wallet for her husband is available in 6 different shades. It is to be ordered without forgetting to specify the personalization elements (photo, first name). It comes in its gift box.

The brown alcohol refresher for her husband

The great brown spirits, such as whiskey or rum , can be enjoyed chilled, but ice cubes can alter the taste of the precious nectar. As solutions exist refreshing stones or this type of installation which makes it possible to avoid soaking anything in the glass. The brown alcohol cooler for her husband is a gift offered in a box, made up of soapstone (or soapstone) with well-known temperature transmission properties, hand-blown glass in Sweden and cork supports.

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