protecting your glow with divaaglam: essential skincare tips for holi

skincare tips for holi

We all know that the Holi celebration is rapidly approaching and with that, the enthusiasm in the surrounding has reached its peak. However, with this fun-filled week comes a lot of responsibility to take the right safety measures for your skin’s health throughout. Since the Holi colours can cause serious skin damage if vital precautions are avoided, the first and foremost thing to do is advocate eco-friendly Holi colours and use clean water when celebrating. You can step out to indulge in colours by prepping your skin with the tips mentioned below and rest assured that Divaaglamwill provide you with the greatest glow protection possible. So, delve into this blog to know the top ways to enjoy this Holi without worrying about your skin, lips, or nails!

Here are some Holi skincare tips that will help you guard yourself against adverse effects this season:

  1. First things first. Your face has to be the focal point of your skincare routine. Considering various factors such as colours, water, dust, filth, and sunshine, you need to be careful as they can seriously harm the delicate skin of your face. Thus, to shield your skin from the worst of the festival, it is essential to bring the required safety measures into action. To ensure the best possible protection before, during, and after the Holi celebration,Divaaglam offers holistic skincare solutions.
  2. Have you wondered how to avoid letting colours seep into your skin or nails? The answer is with the proper Holi care. Of course,being playfulwill get colours easily onto your hands and nails. In such a case, Divaaglam offers a variety of base and topcoat colours for you to create vibrant and lively nail art. You can opt for your preferred hues of nail paints from our highly expansive colour palette to pamper your priceless nails from being damaged during colour splashes.

NOTE: There’s a little secret we want you to know for a carefree Holi! Try a dark hue and apply a thick layer of polish before going outside. It can do wonders as it won’t stain your core enamel too much. Also, once you begin with Post-Holi skin care and wrap up your day with all that jazz, colour removal is super simple!

  1. Apart from your skin, your lips are another delicate area of your face. So, while you aim to properly protect and care for them, we at Divaaglam make sure to offer you our extensive selection of lip care products that serve as a chic and practical barrier for the celebrations. The detrimental effects of the chemicals in the colours can be minimized and even eliminated by using our lip care products both before and after the celebrations. Keep in mind that lip care items are just as important as other skincare essentials.
  2. After giving it your all, it’s time to go back to the fundamentals. Adhering to the fact that colours include chemicals that deplete moisture from your skin and body, it’s a necessity to moisturise your skin entirely to heal from unwanted harm. Divaaglam skincare products are the answer for everything else. To detoxify for colour-safe skin, apply a face cleanser or scrubber, sticking by the recommended skincare tips, and protect your glow.

Our goal at Divaaglam is to make you feel amazing and carefree during and after the festivities, and our collection of essential skincare products is designed with that in mind. We are confident that the best skin care products in India when combined with an excellent shower will be perfect for removing all the colour and leaving you with glowing, silky, clean, and radiant skin.

So, let it be a healthy skin Holi instead of a sensitive skin Holi! Shop Now from Divaaglam.

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