Jawline Contouring to redraw the oval of the face

oval of the face

In recent years, aesthetic medicine and particularly injections (hyaluronic acid, injection of botulinum toxin) have been democratized. Facial injections make it possible to correct certain defects without resorting to cosmetic surgery. As its name suggests, this English term directly concerns the contour, or oval of the face. Rather than resorting to surgery, implants, and anesthesia, Jawline Contouring allows you to modify the right angle of the jaw , thanks to injections of hyaluronic acid.

Jawline Contouring, what is it?

This new technique comes straight from the United States, in particular thanks to the many Hollywood stars (Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner) who proudly display it on the networks. Jawline contouring is a technique practiced in aesthetic medicine practice, and allows to reshape the contours of the face, particularly, the right angle of the jaw . Hyaluronic acid is used as a skin filler , to redefine the contour of the face , or modify the mandibular line and give it a squarer appearance.

Who is affected by Jawline Contouring?

The angle of the jaw returns information to our interlocutors. The straighter the angle and the squarer the jaw , the more likely you are to be seen as having an assertive temperament. Consequently, a man with a poorly drawn jaw, a receding chin, can come to complex and send a misleading image about his character.

The remodeling of the Jawline can be recommended to you in these cases:

A jaw that is too square (in this case, we can blur it)

Redefining an overly rounded jawline

A receding chin

Anti-aging treatment, when the face loses volume in the jaws.

For a man, if the face is too round, we can then create a more drawn, more masculine effect.

Conversely, in a woman, care should be taken not to exaggerate the mandibular angle.

The limits of Jawline contouring

An optimal result is obtained on a face with a long and thin profile , on a face that is too round with a significant excess of fat, the effect of the definition of the Jawline will be limited.

In case of slackening of the skin of the neck or the lower third of the face, the cervico-facial lift will be preferred.

Jawline injections and work on the cheekbones

Jawline injections and work on the cheekbones

result after injections on the mandibular line and the cheekbones

How long does the procedure take?

It will take between 10 and 20 minutes for each side of the face. As with other hyaluronic acid injections , during an anti-aging treatment (treatment of wrinkles, treatment of dark circles), the result is immediately visible. However, it can evolve for a few days. Jawline contouring can be combined with other injections, for example, correcting the double chin, the tip of the nose and harmonizing the proportions of the face . Other treatments can also be carried out in addition, such as the filling of facial wrinkles.

Results vary depending on the amount of products injected and the rate at which the patient metabolizes hyaluronic acid. Each patient being different, we can remember that the effect remains visible between 12 and 18 months . After this time, it will then be necessary to carry out new injections to preserve the rendering obtained.

A few tips before Jawline Contouring

Injections of hyaluronic acid must always be performed by a confirmed cosmetic surgeon . In order to optimize the rendering and avoid bruising , it is preferable not to take anti-inflammatories a few days before the appointment at the office. Abstain from drinking alcohol (at least one day before and one day after the injection), and avoid practicing sports for two hours after the injection.

Jawline: Is the injection session painful?

In principle, the method used is painless , if you are more sensitive, a cream causing local anesthesia can be applied 30 minutes before the start of the treatment.

Do we need a work stoppage?

Some patients experience mild redness near the treated areas during the injection. It can also happen that bruises appear, but usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours. In most cases, you will therefore be able to return to work immediately after the appointment.

What are the risks of Jawline injections?

The amount of injected products should be done evenly so as not to create bumps along the jawline. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product , and well accepted by the human body. However, there may be reactions such as redness, itching or inflammation around the treated area.

Doctor Jonathan HADDAD is a plastic surgeon and physician based in Paris. During the session, he will practice the treatment himself and ensure that the result is uniform and optimal. A follow-up consultation is systematically scheduled 15 days after the first visit.

What is the cost of Jawline Contouring in Paris?

The session is carried out in the office, after a free aesthetic medicine consultation. An estimate is given to you according to the number of syringes needed and the desired result. As a general rule, the price for Jawline Contouring varies betwee

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