Investing In Rolex Watches – 2023 Guide

Rolex Watches

“Rolex – “HoROLogical Excellence” – Never has a brand name denoted such truth. Yet Rolex transcends its position as the superior maker of timepieces and has become the style icon worn by royalty, heads of state, elite athletes and celebrities.

Rolex is quite simply the most reputable brand in the world . Rolex transcends all other product names, in all industries, sectors and walks of life. And that’s what industry experts have believed for many years. That’s why the answer to the often asked question “Is the Rolex losing value?” is most often “No”. Of course, when considering buying a Rolex for investment purposes, you should be aware that not all Rolexes are created equal.

The Swiss manufacturer of the finest wristwatches enjoys an unrivaled position, synonymous with sophistication, prestige and esteem. However, investing in a Rolex watch can be a smart buy, and you really need to think about which Rolex holds its value the best, and which Rolex appreciates the most, if you want a return on your investment.

In summary, although a Rolex watch is a beautiful object to own, it is as much an investment as it is a timepiece. Whether you opt for a new Rolex or decide to buy a pre-owned option, one of the main advantages of buying the Rolex brand is that it has a high chance of going up in value.

The challenge for someone looking for the best Rolex investment is to find the model that is likely to produce the greatest return on investment, while being an attractive and highly functional watch. Our watch experts have looked at some of the general factors to consider when determining which Rolex will appreciate the most in value in 2023, and have selected our top eight picks for Rolex to buy for investment in 2023.

What is the impact of covid-19 on the rolex investment market, in 2023?

Rewind twelve months to 2021, when early rumors of a virus in Wuhan sparked concern, economic forecasts were rewritten with astonishing frequency, and it seemed impossible to imagine that a devastating global pandemic would lead to increased demand. of luxury watches like Rolex investments. Yet that is exactly what happened, and in 2021 the question on everyone’s lips is not whether Rolex was still a good investment, but rather which Rolex to buy for investment.

An article in The Guardian in October 2020 describes an 18% increase in sales in 2019 for leading luxury watch retailer Watches of Switzerland. General manager Brian Duffy explained at the time:

He went on to describe the excitement around new Rolex creations of the time, such as the £8,000 Bond-inspired beauty linked to the repeatedly delayed No Time to Die film. It seems that the cachet and glamor of the Rolex investments remained intact, even when the associated marketing campaigns were put on hold!

A statistic from an article exploring Morgan Stanley’s annual report on the Swiss watch industry shows that Rolex retains its place as a leading brand, suggesting that Rolex watches both retain their value and appreciate over time. [Turnover in millions of CHF (est.)].

Will rolex retain its value in 2023?

The chart above is good news for Rolex investments, and the only conundrum remains which Rolex will hold its value the best in 2023, and which Rolex will continue to appreciate the most for the sake of investment. investment.

There are several contenders, many familiar to Rolex aficionados, but one Rolex, in particular, stands out. The Submariner frequently comes up as one of the best Rolexes to buy. As the cornerstone of the Rolex stable, it enjoys a global reputation for top-notch investing. Indeed, it is one of the best Rolex watches whose value continues to appreciate.

So far so good, you think, but that’s not all. In 2020, Rolex released all-new 41mm versions of the Submariner, and discontinued the 40mm models. As anyone wondering which Rolex watch to buy for investment purposes knows, this was a huge deal. The open market value of the new Submariner is stratospheric, leading to renewed interest in the discontinued version, and renewed momentum for the prices and resale value of these Rolex watches.

This is great news for anyone wondering “do Rolex watches lose value” and “which Rolex holds its value the best?” because it shows that a change to an established model can impact existing investments. Although the value may experience a slight decline, the answer to the question of whether the value of Rolex watches increases is almost always yes, even if it takes a little time.

So which rolex will appreciate its value the most in 2023?

Most of the Rolex models featured in this blog will retain or increase in value. This is one of the advantages of investing in a historic brand like Rolex, whose appeal to investors is well established. If you’re wondering which Rolex to buy for investment in 2023, there are some perhaps surprising new considerations.

First, it’s tempting to lean towards investing in the newer Rolex models. Everything suggests that there is a change of interest and a resurgence of potential for older Rolex models, which seem to hold their value the best at the time of writing. A prime example is the DateJust, a classic Rolex brand – and what many Rolex enthusiasts consider the symbol of Rolex style. The Datejust has been continuously available since its inception, and so it exists in many forms, giving it vast potential and appeal to collectors and Rolex investments. This availability translates into lower prices, which reinforces the attractiveness of the second-hand market.

Another well-established model that is enjoying new life is the Oyster Perpetual, another Rolex watch that tends to go up in value every time. One of the oldest names in the Rolex catalog, this beauty is often overlooked when considering which Rolex is the best investment, however, the changes to the model in 2020 have created enough buzz to steal some of the spotlight from the Submariner. A new movement, bright dial colors and a fresh breath have combined to make the Oyster Perpetual one of the liveliest names of 2020/2021, and one of the best Rolex watches to buy for investing in 2023. As always, this renewed interest is also creating a stir around discontinued models, such as the Oyster Perpetual 39 114300, which is already experiencing a sharp increase in its value on the open market and gives a new aspect to the question “how much is my Rolex worth?” “.

Whether your interest is piqued by the latest designs and technology or you’re bewitched by the magic of the classic Rolex, it seems the impact of Covid-19 on the luxury watch market has been surprisingly positive, and proves that a well-made and respected watch is a solid investment in almost any circumstance.

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